A new name, a new home

My little puppy at the door – unrelated, but still adorable

In January of 2012, I launched my Quarter Life Crisis blog on a whim. At the time – just nine short months ago – I was about to turn 25. I was feeling professionally stuck and in need of a creative outlet. There were so many things I wanted to do: be fluent in Spanish, play the guitar, hold myself accountable for exercising, write more. Well, I can’t say I’m fluent in Spanish yet. My guitar skills haven’t improved much. The only one of my goals that I’ve really stuck with in the last few months is exercise.

In the last few months, my blog’s focus has started to refine itself. I started writing for the sake of writing, sharing random musings about my attempts to exercise. Through a natural progression, I’ve realized that sharing recipes and food memories has been the most enjoyable part of blogging. It’s also the most consistent part of my life: I cook and eat almost daily. But I also enjoy discussing adventures: learning to scuba dive, traveling to Ecuador, eating like tourists in New Orleans.  Although these experiences don’t happen nearly as often as I’d like, I don’t want to exclude myself from writing about them when I can. Furthermore, fitness is becoming an important part of my life and I want to share my experiences there as I’m able to do so.

Therein lies the dilemma. Although this is a somewhat personal blog, I’d like to have some measure of consistency. So do I shift my blog’s focus to food, exclusively? Do I maintain two blogs, one for food, one for other adventures?

Here’s my temporary solution: I will continue to write about anything and everything I want to, but I’ll try to tie things to a recipe. For example, next time I write about scuba diving, I’ll include a relevant seafood recipe. Ruth Reichl did something similar in her memoirs, and while I’m nowhere near the writer she is, I can still be inspired by her work.

So what is The Popcorn Diet? First of all, I wanted a food-oriented name for my food-oriented collection of ramblings, so I started to list my favorites. Popcorn was at the top. So was Neapolitan pizza, mashed potatoes, sushi, buffalo chicken tenders with bleu cheese, artichokes, and approximately three thousand other things I’d eat daily if my stomach were big enough and my metabolism powerful enough. But I really love popcorn, enough that we have a movie-theater-style popcorn machine in our home. Popcorn also reminds me of this time in college when I was desperate to shed a few pounds and thought of something that I hadn’t realized had already been invented: a popcorn diet. Armed with my dorm microwave, I ate a bag of popcorn before every meal at the dining hall. The low-calorie popcorn filled me up to the point where heavy cafeteria food was unappealing. I can’t tell you if the method worked, but now it is a fond memory that reminds me of how far I’ve come from those college days.

(Just kidding. I eat popcorn for dinner at least twice a week, even now).

Well, here goes nothing.


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