Snapshots from South America: Havanettes

My sweet tooth is probably one of my defining characteristics. If there’s anything I love more than sugar, it’s hard to think of what it could be. During the long afternoon stretch at work, you’ll often find me offering to go on a milkshake run to Chick-fil-a or Steak’n’Shake. After a meal, I always need something sweet to munch on. And let’s not forget about the six-month stretch where I ate Ben and Jerry’s for breakfast. (Man, being a grown-up is fun!).

In light of this sugar obsession, I was pretty excited when my friend Marie gave me a new candy to try. They’re called Havanettes. When another friend had traveled to Argentina, Marie requested that he bring back tons of them because you just can’t find them anywhere except Argentina. Being a generous friend, she gave us a few to try. Here’s what they look like.
Cone-shaped. Pretty cool.
When you unwrap each piece, you’ll find what looks like an elongated Mallomar.
It’s not quite a Mallomar. But it’s sort of close. A Havanette consists of a cookie (biscocho) base, topped with a healthy batch of dulce de leche and enrobed in chocolate. Here, have a bite.
The biscocho is sweet and soft, a worthy base for the rich dulce de leche. For once, you might almost forget that the chocolate part is still there. It’s not long before this is all that remains…
Havanettes: Argentinian Mallomars with dulce de leche instead of marshmallow. Not bad. Not bad at all. At times like this, I’m glad my friends are not only well-traveled, but generous.
And if you’re going to Argentina, please bring some back for me. 

4 thoughts on “Snapshots from South America: Havanettes

    1. jkozarsky Post author

      Nazira, unfortunately, I haven’t found anywhere to buy them in the States. I’m not sure where you live, but if you find any, let me know!

  1. Cinthia

    Hi Julie, my name is Cinthia and I’m from Argentina. I don’t know how I got your website but it was very fun for me to find you talking about the havanettes 🙂

    I have a recipe of these if you want, it’s really easy to make and also, you can use the same recipe to make “alfajores” (this is another argentinian sweet).



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