How to Stay Motivated on a Rainy Weekend

It’s pouring outside.

Not just a little bit of rain, the kind you know will fade away after a few hours and you can get on with your day. This is a complete downpour, born forth from cloud-blackened skies at 10:30am. Our bright, sunny house is completely dark right now, save for bursts of lightning that tense me up for the rolls of thunder I know are coming. This is the kind of rain that ruins your plans for the day (jogging outside) and makes you want to stay in bed.

I’m not in bed, although Xavier still is and it is probably the warmest, best place in the house right now. I’m in the office and it’s a bit chilly. Our office is technically a sunroom, with so many windows we have no place to hang pictures, and it leads to our little backyard. The door doesn’t shut all the way – perhaps the result of a certain fifteen-pound terrier body-slamming it when she wants to go outside and chase squirrels – so chilly air filters in and keeps me shivering enough to stay awake.

The reason I’m in the office, wide awake, wishing I could stay asleep? Well, there are two. Thanks to an awesome member of the website Serious Eats, I just received 21 Meyer lemons in the mail straight from California. If you don’t know what a Meyer lemon is, let me enlighten you. It’s technically a lemon, but much sweeter, and its peel is almost orange. It’s like the difference between an egg from the grocery store and an egg from someone’s pet chicken that roams around a backyard.

My Meyer lemons!
Now that I have these beauties, I’m brainstorming the amazing recipes that I can make with Meyer lemons. First up is definitely homemade lemon curd, some of which will be turned into lemon mousse. I’m also considering lemon risotto. And who could resist the allure of classic lemon bars? There is so much to make that I can hardly wait to get started.
Unfortunately, as I plan the calorie-bombs that I want to make, it’s raining and I can’t go for a run. This brings me to my next issue: exercising. This week has been a bit of a bust in terms of working out. My dad was in town on Tuesday and we went out for a ridiculously delicious meal at Ecco. The ridiculously delicious meal was washed down with a ridiculously delicious bottle of wine. That set the stage for a week of eating delicious food. It was capped off with – wait for it – my first bowl of authentic Japanese tonkatsu ramen last night! I’ve been wanting to try real ramen for years now and it did not disappoint. It’s like the 10-cent packages on steroids, speed, and crack. The only unfortunate thing about the meal was that I couldn’t finish my huge bowl of soup. Which, by the way, was much better than anything you’ll find at Panera.
Broth, noodles, pork belly… amazing

So how am I going to work off the calories from this crazy week of food? Kickboxing, as you may remember, is too expensive for me to afford right now. It’s been raining like crazy so outdoor workouts have been hard to accomplish. But did I tell you about how I stopped by the local LA Fitness to check out membership rates last month? I hate working out at the gym, so my visit was really just to motivate myself to get back on my bike. Well, the overenthusiastic sales guy has been calling me constantly ever since. I ignore his calls, but today he left an interesting message regarding a $20 monthly rate. That is just cheap enough that I might have to investigate and consider actually joining. Hopefully it’s not a scam.
But even if I join the gym at a cutthroat rate, I’m legitimately worried that I will just not go. The gym is right next to our house, and there’s no reason for me to skip workouts, except I get way too bored during them. The ellipticals don’t even have TVs, so how am I supposed to stay entertained and distract myself from the pain, heavy breathing, and impending feelings of death and doom? They do have classes there that I might be able to enjoy. I’m not sure if they have spinning, though.
So what do you think? Is it worth joining a gym at $20/month and then hoping I manage to go once in a while? And, is it painfully obvious yet that my love of food is going to be the death of me in my attempts to stay physically active?

2 thoughts on “How to Stay Motivated on a Rainy Weekend

  1. catae

    I have never tried those lemons. loving food is the best and you are a good cook! I wish that I had a fast metabolism but I dont. I have over 40 lbs to lose and I hate thinking about it. Have you looked at the class schedules? maybe they have spinning (cycle), zumba, or try yoga… I pay a gym membership for the classes. LA fitness is nice and at least $40 per month. Do you have an ipod? there are lots of free podcasts even to learn languages!!! I used to exercise a lot in college and i think i subscribed to ALL of the magazines available. I would not get down until I finished it and I covered the time in the machine. This was before every machine had a TV. Now that I started working out again I do the classes and it is easier to do 1 hour in a group than alone. I have to make small goals to trick myself into staying. I looked up LA fitness for class descriptions. I don't know where you live so i could not see a schedule but take a look. luck πŸ™‚

  2. J.K.

    Catae, are we seeing you guys this weekend? I'll bring down a few for you πŸ™‚ Maybe we should also go to the gym together! haha!I do have an iPod but am more of a visual person than musical. Reading magazines or watching something on my iPod would be better. Those are awesome ideas though. Thanks again for the resources. Classes might just be best. Xavier and I are talking about doing the $20 gym membership though. Okay, again, I'm hoping we'll see each other this weekend so let's talk then! πŸ™‚


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