Making plans

As promised, I dragged myself to kickboxing class two nights ago. It was painful. After a long lunchless day at work, the first thing I wanted to do was nourish myself with all the leftovers in our fridge. The second thing I wanted to do was make a very close acquaintance with the couch. But I forced myself to move. I stepped out of my slacks and into gym shorts, dug my dusty boxing gloves out of their hiding spot, and got into the car. Xavier had agreed to accompany me. He was hesitant about kickboxing class after I described it as “mostly girls but guys come sometimes, and loud pop music” but decided to give it a shot. (Have I mentioned yet that I have the most supportive and amazing boyfriend ever? If not, this is the time… he’s the best).

A half hour later, we were barefoot in front of our punching bags at the gym, cautiously stretching. I saw that the class seemed to be comprised of both serious kickboxers and New Years’ resolutionists such as ourselves. Ten minutes after that, past the class warm-up and well into the exercise portion, we were frantically switching from painful exercise to more painful exercise and dripping with sweat. By the time the class ended, we were both completely wiped out. Kickboxing is no joke. I guess the fun kickboxing that I remembered was only from after I’d done it long enough to live through it.

We’ve spent the two days since limping around and trading grimaces when our sore muscles are nudged in a painful direction, which is pretty much constantly. But on the bright side, the next time we kickbox will be infinitely easier. Next time, you ask? Yes, there will certainly be a next time for both of us, and it will take place next week. Hello, good habits.

In more excellent exercise news, if my calves stop cramping this weekend, I plan to take my new Garmin GPS for a test run. There should be no issues at all in getting out for a run; there’s nothing like playing with a new toy. In the past, running has been my nemesis. I like it until it hurts me with shin splints, backaches, etc. But the plan is to start slow and build up so I don’t get overwhelmed. This week has been a great start for my fitness lifestyle shift. I hope everyone reading this has been able to meet their goals as well!


2 thoughts on “Making plans

  1. TheQueerBird

    Ok, if you can suffer through kickboxing I can probably handle yoga. I'll just keep telling myself that, and maybe I'll actually make it to the class next week. I promised Turtle that we would go together this morning, but this morning I decided I wanted to go alone for my first time… so that has to happen this week! And next weekend: morning yoga!

  2. J.K.

    You can definitely handle yoga! Decide which day you're going to go well in advance, and then no excuses 🙂 Let me know how it turns out! I think it'll be even more fun when you and Turtle go together.


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